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Buy Fashion Items as Following Simple Collocation

Le 24 March 2015, 08:09 dans Famille 0

In this season, it is easy to wear the clothes by mistake, wear too many is hot while wearing seldom seems earlier. I think most of women will spend more time on taking over which pieces to pick up in the morning, just because of the two reasons, first, wear too many and forget what should or shouldn’t buy; secondly, be afraid of wearing too many nor less. Copy the following collocation from accenting with the women jewelry including women necklaces and outfit; it can help you save more time. 


It is obvious that wearing the black can show your best temperament, especially the formal wear; the whole molding will look modern enough, while choosing a piece of suit in good tailor, add a piece of scarf on your neck, the print is seen as the best choice. Besides, it seems that the dust coat is the indispensable fashion item in spring. Just the style is suitable for the spring and fall. You could feel free to match it with the jean, flat, sport shoes, or Crystal Collar Necklace. And it is truth that you could see the stripe elements here and there this season, just pack up your scarf in heavy fabric, instead, wearing a piece of necklace. 


More than that, the long style skirt which reaches the ankle is the perfect choice, especially the pure one when compare with the print, show young and simple, match with the toe shoe is surely elegant, if you would like to create the ladylike appearance those fashion items should be the best choice for you, or the blue skirt which seem perfect for the spring and summer day, which give people an impression of the pink of health. In the time of choosing the blue skirt, do remember to match it with the Mules or a pair of ankle boot. 

Vintage Style in Victorian Era

Le 24 March 2015, 08:04 dans Famille 0

Rococo style outfit and accessories fashionable in Victorian Era, as the vintage trends come back for recent years, why not learn to try the different vintage style. 


The layered skirts with the feeling of heavy fabric and layering become flexible and smart as time pass. The layered fabric show the sweet sense, besides, the layered skirt is able to hide the width hip so as to create the beautiful body shape for you. As for the girls who are in a well-shaped body, you have better choose the fabric with heavy fabric and good sense of draping so that you could create the slim appearance while the slim girls should select the loose shape outfit to look fresh and sweet. At last, accent with the vintage jewelry like Crystal Acrylic Earrings!


When it comes to the indispensable fashion item in Victoria Era, it should be the lace. This element which is contain the character of females, no matter which pieces of outfit you would like to blend it into, it can just perfect the outfit! After time pass for about thousand years, lace is still the favorite of the fashion designers. From the spring to winter, it can always find the right place, all-match and sweet. The lace can always make women look sexy and noble, especially when come with the luxury accessories such as Zircon Drop Earrings. Different colors of lace have different styles, the white lace show pure and sweet while the black create the sexy. Whatever you choose, you could create the different and beautiful look. what’s more, the classic vintage style seem never fading on the fashion show and the Baroque should be one of them, the Bohemia style which is not only stand for the tassel, drape, and wide skirt, the various print will be suitable for you if you would like to create the unique look. 

Cool and Smart Look for Mature Men

Le 26 February 2015, 10:54 dans Famille 0

All of us known that would like to wear chic; the first step is wearing on the right way, according to your personality, body shape and ages. You couldn’t wear like a little boy if you are already 30 years old; instead, show you mature and manly throughout your appearance and accessories such as automatic watch. How to create the look that both cool and mature is the key point. 


The check and stripe coat show style well for mature men. Put on a set of plaid which is full with the sense of London gentlemen. The one with high quality and delicate tailor can show the creation’s different and unique charming. You will never make a mistake of matching the formal wear inside with the button-up white T-shirt, under the situation of low temperature, add a piece of coat in the same color system with the formal wear is perfect. Apart from those main fashion items, do remember to add some accessories so that you can improve your look to the next level, a hat, a pair of vintage glasses, a pair of black leather shoes, a black tie match perfectly as well as a black scarf worn loosely on shoulders. At long last, you are elegant enough to wander on the street!


When come up to the accessories, the scarf and fashion watch like leather mechanical watch are worth to mention. All of men are clear the significant of the watches, but do you know besides the watches, the scarf is the second indispensable accessory for men? Whatever you are an England gentlemen wearing the formal wear or a French men that wearing the leather jacket, a piece of scarf in good quality will add brilliance to your present splendor. Just like the street snap fashion man whose scarf is not only echo of the color of the coat, the plaid add more chic to the molding as well. 

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